Dynatrace -
2010~2022 Positioned a Leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for APM 12 years in a row

A Gartner Leader for APM 

Transform Faster, Smarter & Easier 


Dynatrace: Detect, solve and optimize - automatically

Dynatrace AI Davis analyzes billions of dependencies to give you simple answers – what is the problem, what is the business impact, and what is the root cause.

Dynatrace: See how everything is connected

Dynatrace Managed/SaaS automatically discovers, maps, and monitors every component of the full stack, from the application, the underlying infrastructure, and the experience of all users.

Dynatrace: Optimize User Experience by Recording Real-User Journeys

Dynatrace will understand users’ behavior and what problems they meet in the real scenario and create business value from it by monitoring real-users journeys.

Dynatrace: Monitor from Mainframe to Mobile, and Everything in Between

Dynatrace has the broadest coverage of any monitoring solution, including languages supported, application architectures, cloud, on-premise or hybrid, enterprise apps, SaaS monitoring, and more.

Dynatrace: Detect and monitor microservices, automatically

Dynatrace automatically discovers and monitors dynamic microservices running inside containers. See how they're performing, how they communicate with each other, and immediately detect poorly performing microservices.

Dynatrace: Create Unique Value for Your Business

  • Innovate faster and in higher quality
  • Improve Operate Efficiency
  • Activate Better Business Result