Ministry of Economic Affairs Information Center-Office Document Automation System


With different technologies used by different developers, the architecture of the ODAS is extremely complex. When users complain about performance problems, Information Center maintenance staff often need to spend a lot of time to verify the user's problem. This includes verifying whether there is a real problem, the actions that may be causing the problem, and the cause of the problem. Often, after one problem is solved, another problem occurs.

MOEA - Information Center is tasked with helping to maintain all major systems. All the staffs in the center are devoted to their daily tasks to meet the requirements of the officials and users. However, with the complex structure of the ODAS, it is often impossible to detect users' feelings at the first time. Whenever a user calls the Information Center to respond to a problem, it takes a lot of time to communicate with the user to find out what problems the user is having. It also takes a lot of time to go into the document system to check the log files or other related information to clarify the possible problems. Therefore, the Information Center has been trying to establish an end-to-end monitoring mechanism to get a comprehensive understanding of how all the users in the MOEA are feeling when operating the system, what problems they are facing, and what are the causes of the problems.



nSpectrum recommends customers use Dynatrace Application Monitor & UEM and Dynatrace DC-RUM to establish an end-to-end monitoring mechanism. By importing the Dynatrace platform, end-to-end monitoring is established for the ODAS. The performance of each department's access to the system is monitored independently through an internal IP address table provided by the MOEA. This allows them to keep track of user behavior and effectively determine whether performance problems occur in specific units or affect users in general. This also allows them to directly analyze the actions of performance problems and provide Call Stack to developers to help clarify performance problems.



After importing Dynatrace, the Information Center can already collect the current status of system execution. This includes the performance of each department running the system, which actions are experiencing performance issues? Who are the users experiencing performance problems? What is the exact timing of those problems?

All of these are fully answered through a comprehensive end-to-end monitoring mechanism. And with Dynatrace's monitoring of system execution details, we can provide developers with a transaction process for resolving performance issues and speeding them up.



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