Dynatrace DEM(Digital Experience Management) Monitor, analyze and optimize every digital interaction with your customers

  • Dynatrace DEM Successful digital experience requires immediate answers to Performance:
    • 53% of mobile users abandon session if longer than 3 seconds to load
    • 79% of users will not return after negative experience
  • Dynatrace DEM Assists you with faster complaint handling
    • 75% of customers expect online help resolution within 5 minutes


 Dynatrace DEM: See exactly what your users see


 Dynatrace DEM: User experience insights improve your bottom lineUnderstand your customers’ behavior

  • Understand your customers’ behavior
    • Recognize your customers’ mood and behaviors being expressed digitally to predict and even influence their next-steps in their journey.
  • Optimize every user experience
    • Gain a 360-degree view between BizDevOps to drive collaboration, enhance user experience and ultimately increase conversion rates and user satisfaction.


Dynatrace DEM - Full visibility into real user journeys