The information department is responsible for all services that keep the organization running both internally and externally. The various devices in the Data Center vary depending on when the systems were built and the needs of the business units at the time. It is a challenge for information departments to efficiently manage heterogeneous platforms. Most of the users often choose to import different monitoring and management platforms according to different needs. However, the different platforms often present conflicting information, which will prevent the information department from knowing the exact information. It also takes more than twice as much effort for the staff to learn two or more surveillance management platforms. Therefore, Kbro has been seeking for a solution that can manage different platforms at the same time, and can achieve fast deployment, early alerting and fast location of abnormal problems, so as to enhance the maintenance efficiency of the information department.



The monitoring and management platforms in the market either require high software license fees or can only satisfy some of the customer's functions. nSpectrum suggested the customer to use Nagios XI, the commercial version of Nagios Core, as the single monitoring platform, after deeply understanding the problems faced by the information department of Kbro. It allows users to achieve their system monitoring goals in the easiest way possible with the built-in wizard. It also allows users to troubleshoot any problems efficiently through factory and reseller support. Instead of waiting for a response from a kind person through an online forum, users can directly discuss their problems with a technical consultant by phone or email, so that all kinds of problems can be solved in the shortest possible time.



Nagios XI has been extended from the original OA to the network engineering department, after years of hard work. With thousands of extension modules, Nagios XI has been successfully used as a unified monitoring platform for all departments to communicate with each other. Each department can use the built-in dashboard function of Nagios XI to design various kinds of monitoring dashboards to meet their needs, so that they can grasp the performance of the system at any time and troubleshoot abnormalities at the first time to improve the maintenance energy and maintain customer satisfaction.


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