Other- Security/Auditing - ISO 27001

Challenges: Information Security Auditing Compliance 

  • Improve information security in response to regulatory requirements

       To ensure the information security of end-users, companies must obtain ISO 27001 certification to enhance overall information security. The current audit method requires manual inquiry to collect relevant information, which is time-consuming and time-consuming. (It takes 10 working days per quarter for querying statistics)Meanwhile, some equipment log retention time is too short to meet the audit specification.

  • ISO 27001 Log Auditing Items

A.12.4 Logging and monitoring (objective: record events and generate evidence)

A.12.4.1 Event Logging: Event logs should be produced, retained, and regularly reviewed to record user activities, exceptions, defects, and information security events. 

A.12.4.2 Protection of Log Information:Logging and log information should be secure from intrusion and unauthorized access. 

A.12.4.3 Administrator and Operator Logs: The activity of the System Manager and System Operator is to be logged and the logs kept safe and monitored closely.



  • Enhance information security in response to regulatory requirements

Establish a centralized log management platform and build an ISO 27001 audit dashboard to clearly present all information and help customers pass ISO 27001 certification to improve overall information security.

  • Centralized management of logs and simplified auditing process

Centralized management of logs and audit events from all sources greatly improves management efficiency and reduces human errors.

Audit reports are generated and sent automatically and regularly, significantly reducing audit manpower and time (quarterly audits can be completed within 10 minutes); moreover, security violations can be tracked in real time.

  • Reference for Daily Operations 

Keyword alerts for specific events, allowing early detection of risk events (e.g. late-night root access events).

Weekly or monthly reports can be generated for audits and review sessions to develop process or management improvement plans.



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