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Service-Oriented Operation Portal - Centralized Log Management

SOOP-CLM is an enterprise log management platform with cost-effective, which supports different log formats and data sources. And further, it is able to analyze, correlate, store and visualize log data. SOOP-CLM not only meets the requirements of compliance, audit, and IT operations, but also supports enterprises in facing the era of big data and AI. Besides, with the powerful third-party integration feature of SOOP-CLM, we can help the enterprises to save overall cost and enhance competitiveness.


SOOP-CLM is a platform for managing ELK (Elasticsearch, Logstash, and Kibana). As shown in the figure, you can use SOOP-CLM to manage the log data stored in ELK such as "Data Retention", "Access management", "Alarm setting", "Report", and "Dashboard Import".


SOOP-CLM Ship logs from different sources to One platform; Data analysis easily; Search efficiently

 SOOP-CLM collects log data in various formats from different devices through an agent or agent-less approach. e.g. SOOP-CLM accesses the table data in the data base and store it in the SOOP-CLM through JDBC/ODBC. SOOP-CLM also analyzes and correlates various log data through the built-in various modules and visualizes all related information in dashboards. The average query response time is millions of data in milliseconds. SOOP-CLM can also compress and store long-term historical data in Hadoop for storage purposes.

SOOP-CLM  Fully functioning log management solution; Easy to use and manage

SOOP-CLM supports AD/LDAP authentication, and strict Role-based access control to manage access rights, protects logfiles from tampering, keeps historical data to comply with ISO 27001 and PCI DSS for auditing, and meets the regulatory compliance and corporate audit standard; CLM provides log management functions such as a simple interface to set alert notification and scheduled report, reducing the learning curve; CLM also has built-in various visualization modules to use flexibly by users.

SOOP-CLM Reliable distributed architecture design; Reduce maintenance cost and improve service quality effectively

SOOP-CLM - The distributed cluster design of decentralized architecture can easily achieve the goal of node expansion and high availability, greatly reducing management difficulties; Maintenance and operation staff can easily grasp the current status of the system platform through self-monitoring and health check functions of SOOP-CLM. When system operation encounters a bottleneck, CLM can assist in troubleshooting quickly. Built-in foolproof design can prevent general improper human error and management negligence; provide a variety of APIs to users to expand and develop various oriented application services; Time filter function and drag-and-drop custom dashboard can meet different visualization needs. 

SOOP-CLM Intelligent alarms provide real situations

SOOP-CLM's built-in dynamic thresholds improve the accuracy of network and information security alarms effectively and reduce the chance of sending false alarms.Through advanced algorithms, SOOP-CLM automatically defines thresholds closer to reality for different time periods based on past historical data to help determine whether an abnormality has occurred. SOOP-CLM assists users to detect abnormalities as soon as possible and speeds up troubleshooting operations. SOOP-CLM improves system reliability and further enhances user satisfaction. To achieve the goal of early-stage warning, fast positioning, and high-performance operations. In this way, we can quickly and precisely locate the abnormal area, effectively reduce the time to eliminate abnormalities, reduce management costs, and improve maintenance efficiency.

SOOP-CLM Integrate third-party solutions, save maintenance costs or expand investment benefits

Through the third-party integration capabilities of SOOP-CLM, it can effectively reduce software license fees priced by traffic/CPU/OS/log volume, and there is no need to worry about the additional license fees that will be borne by the increase of log volume in the future, such as using SOOP-CLM to avoid increasing license fees of SIEM tools. In the IT operation environment, SOOP-CLM integrates multiple monitoring tools to provide visual presentation, and it reduces the problem solving time and labor costs, such as integrating AP/Infra/DB/Docker/Cloud and other related monitoring and management tools. In addition to providing daily data backups and regular audits, SOOP-CLM can be connected to big data platforms, such as Hadoop/TeraData/MongoDB. It can also tap into the commercial value and expand investment benefits. SOOP-CLM integrates AIOps tools, adds AI/Machine Learning and other algorithms to build predictive models, and uses robotic process automation tools for active repair and forecasting analysis. All these things make IT management more intelligent and accelerate digital transformation for enterprises. 

The high integration performance of SOOP-CLM maximizes benefits of each product, saves overall cost, and increases corporate competitiveness. SOOP-CLM is the best choice for enterprise facing the era of big data and AI.

SOOP-CLM Cost-effective valuation, which is easy to own with our worries 

There is free support for log parsing of new devices, so you don’t have to worry about the increase in maintenance expenditure of log platform in the future. License pricing is not limited to traffic/CPU/Memory, and SOOP-CLM keeps elastic deployment and saves cost through expansion of hardware or nodes. Continuously innovative log applications and plug-ins maximize the benefits of investment, and built-in diverse application services greatly reduce the schedule and burden of custom development. Based on open source with a high degree of freedom and local support, SOOP-CLM can effectively reduce future conversion cost and risk. The double guarantee of official maintenance and vulnerability assessment of local third-party do reduce information security concerns. Our customers span a variety of industries, such as government, finance and telecommunications. SOOP-CLM has been tested by multiple parties, and the quality is mature, stable and reliable.