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Getting started with Grafana
Intro to metrics with Grafana: Prometheus, Graphite, and beyond
Getting started with Logging with Grafana Loki
Getting started with Tracing and Grafana Tempo

Grafana Enterprise Stack

The Grafana Enterprise Stack includes features that provide better scalability, collaboration, operations, and governance in a self-managed environment. Grafana’s powerful visualization and alerting, enhanced with access to Enterprise data source plugins and built-in collaboration features.

Grafana Enterprise Features


  • Security & Authentication 
    • Grafana Enterprise meets stricter security compliance beyond basic open source security
  • Enterprise Scale & Features 
    • Grow to millions of metrics, and integrate with leading enterprise data sources.
  • Indemnification 
    • Protection and peace of mind around offering Grafana as a critical service within their organization
  • Reporting & Usage Tracking
    • Generate and schedule PDF reports & easily prune unused metrics and dashboards
  • Expert Knowledge 
    • Access to Grafana experts(Grafana employs 30% of the world’s Prometheus maintainers)
  • Help
    • Grafana Lab 24x7x365 follow the sun support with aggressive escalation and SLAs
  • Grafana Open Source v.s. Grafana Enterprise