Far EasTone Telecom is the first and the largest customer in Taiwan adopting Dynatrace. From a decade ago, Far EasTone Telecom was the first and the largest customer in Taiwan to implement Dynatrace to provide user experience and continuously improve application service performance, and with the deep technical capabilities accumulated in IT for decades, it has indeed received positive feedback from many customers. However, the profit model of the telecom industry is facing a huge challenge. The previously enviable call and access fees have lost their original advantages in the face of open market competition, and the huge financial investment pressure of 5G has forced telecom operators to find new sources of revenue in addition to the original telecom business to maintain the original momentum. Therefore, the telecom industry not only wants to maintain the satisfaction of the original telecom customers, but also provides various value-added services for both personal and corporate customers. For example, Far EasTone proposes 3 digital transformation strategies  - big data, artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things - and provides cross-industry 5G technology connectivity to help enterprises respond to customer needs. However, behind the huge infrastructure, how to ensure smooth daily maintenance, grasp the most realistic feelings of users, and quickly respond to market demand are constantly testing the ability of the telecom industry to respond to changes.



  • Dynatrace Managed

The new generation of Dynatrace Managed will not only continue to provide the best solutions in APM. Dynatrace is already the industry leader, but also continue to provide industry-leading solutions for the future trend of information - cloud platform and microservices.


With SOOP-CLM's cost-effective centralized log collection platform, customers can collect all the log data they want to manage centrally without worrying about the high software license fees, and with SOOP-CLM's highly reliable system architecture, unlike other software, they can completely avoid the risk of single-point failure, making it an indispensable choice for enterprise operations.



In order to quickly respond to market demands and ensure the best service, Far EasTone constantly challenges itself to pursue leadership in technology;  Far EasTone  purchases a large number of cloud technologies and microservice architectures, and at the same time, leverages decades of maintenance experience accumulated by internal IT to bring Dynatrace's powerful monitoring data collection capabilities and new AI/ML technologies into full play. In addition to simplifying the complicated monitoring setup operations, we can easily grasp the performance and user experience of the key transactions built on the microservices architecture. At the same time, with the powerful log collection capability of SOOP-CLM, we can collect many information that are not within the scope of Dynatrace collection, and with the powerful system integration capability of the information unit itself, we can consolidate various monitoring tools and customer information, and build a complete maintenance dashboard to grasp the needs of online customers in real time and quickly troubleshoot the abnormalities faced by customers to improve customer satisfaction.


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