Grafana Cloud

Your observability, managed as a service

Business value

Eliminate costs 

This speeds delivery and ensures that your monitoring infrastructure uses best practices and is set up to scale.

Increase developer productivity 

Grafana provides supporting resources you need, when you need them, without spending costly development hours. Grafana Cloud handles the patches, version upgrades and continuously optimizes the stack for query and uptime performance.

Lower TCO

Grafana handles the design, provisioning and hosting of infrastructure. The stack is managed by Experts ensuring most cost effective and scalable methods are used.  No high-cost for “Custom Prometheus Metrics”. 

Technical benefits


  • A Full-Stack backend to host, scale, and maintain your time-series metrics and logs
  • HA to avoid gaps in the metrics on outages or updates
  • Includes long-term data storage (13+ months) 
  • Grafana Lab: Access to Experts
    • 25% of Global Prometheus maintainers;
    •  50% of Cortex maintainers including Founder, Tom Wilkie