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Datiphy Enterprise

Data security is not just an option but a must in this age of bid data. Your data is your greatest asset. Datiphy protects your data in corporate databases, networks, servers, and private or public clouds. DatiDNA technology sheds light on your data insight with analysis, compliance, reporting, and intelligence.

Why Datiphy

  • Gartner lists Datiphy as Data-Centric Auditing & Protection (DCAP) representative vendor
  • Gartner lists Datiphy as UEBA representative vendor
  • Red Herring North America names Datiphy as top 100 winner
  • CIO Review names Datiphy as one of the “20 Most Promising Cloud Solution Providers”

Datiphy Enterprise

Datiphy Enterprise is a complete product that includes an Agent and a DMC, which can be used to record data by either Sniffing or installing an Agent, depending on the customer's needs. Datiphy's database auditing system is a new generation of intelligent database auditing products, using patented technology in the U.S. Data DNA dissects data into DNA-like base units and uses machine learning mechanisms to identify abnormal behavior and risks, effectively helping companies protect their most sensitive data from threats and attacks.


  • Security. Posture. Strengthened.
    • Datiphy is auditing every data transaction, accuracy is provided by the scientific certainty of analyzing the entire pool. Analytics can be exported as feeds to other security tools; ensuring their policies are based upon facts and not methods that produce false alarms. Relationships & behaviors among assets are visualized with the same level of accuracy.
  • Compliance Assessment - Compliance Controls Validated
    • Manage Compliance Controls Effectively Through Alerts and Reports. Datiphy’s Compliance Assessment Report correlates all your assets, escalated privileges, applications, users, and database objects to give you an overview of your organization’s security controls.
  • Risk Assessment - Measurable Risk Metrics Bring Value to the Boardroom
    • User & Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA)
      Prevention is necessary, but detection is paramount in ensuring that you know who is accessing your sensitive data. Datiphy uses data-centric security policies to coordinate management processes and security controls across data silos. 



Datiphy marks a new milestone in database security management by incorporating intelligent mechanism


  • Auditing: Continuous monitoring of all database activity

  • Compliance: Built-in templates to facilitate quick compliance

  • Security: Daily monitoring of data assets; Access rights setting and providing risk indices

  • Alerting: Real-time information and alerts on threat vectors

  • Management: Effectively categorize all data and easy to managed