Opmantek - Enterprise-scale Infrastructure Management


Opmantek simplifies Network Management and solves the everyday headaches of system admin. Built on open-source foundations, specifically for the challenges of diverse network management.





Opmantek Product Circuit:Flexible, Scalable & Fully Integrated

Opmantek's Network Management Tools are the only comprehensive integrated solution in the market.


    • Opmantek's core product is NMIS (Network Management Information System). 
    • NMIS is highly scalable and infinitely flexible. It’s unique device modeling capability allows new devices to be added to the system and managed with no coding expertise required.  From bleeding edge/new technology to legacy hardware - if it is connected to your network you can monitor it.
  • opCharts
    • An elegant and adaptable graphical interface allows you to capture all the key information about your environment in a single pane of glass, using dashboards, maps, and charts to combine multiple data sets.
    • Increase network visibility, reduce organizational complexity & accelerate root cause discovery. 
  • opConfig 
    • Use opConfig to capture and track configuration changes for any network connected device or cloud application.  Transform change management and policy compliance tracking from a laborious human process to an intelligent live and continuous feed of your changing and developing environment. 
    • Improve visibility and maintain consistency across your IT environment.
  • opHA
    • Manage large and geographically dispersed environments without performance loss.
    • Telco's, banks and Managed Service Providers (MSP) use Opmantek’s opHA module to distribute polling duties across multiple remote pollers allowing for infinite scalability. opHA also enables multi-customer functions/views in NMIS, opEvents, and opCharts.
  • opEvent
    • Reduce the business impact of network faults and failures using proactive event management.
    • Fast-track problem resolution, faster MTTR, improve performance and decrease the cost of managing your IT environment - opEvents automates event handling through flexible rule sets that enrich, correlate, organize and manage all the events in your environment.
  • opTrend
    • Proactively manage network resources. Use opTrend to visually analyze key performance metrics and monitor gradual increases in traffic and data usage to identify where issues and resource exhaustion are likely to occur and when. Trend data is used to create actionable activities from identification of resource exhaustion, helping you to rectify performance issues before they occur.
  • Open-AudIT
    • Discover devices on any of your networks.
    • Using the proven and powerful, agent-free framework, Open-AudIT will audit an organization’s network daily with no impact to the user experience and intelligently store the configurations of every discovered component. 
  • opFlow
    • Determine how much of the network is being used, by whom and in what way.
    • opFlow collects flow information to allow organizations to determine how much of the network is being used, by whom and in what way.  Compatible with multiple vendors including Cisco NetFlow and Juniper J-Flow devices, opFlow will assist with analyzing congestion, monitoring high data usage and identifying suspicious behavior.